Given by the Prince of Peace - JESUS
Blessings are upon the head of the just: (Proverbs 10:6)

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Good day, Sister Collins,

I wish to thank you for the outstanding meeting on Sunday, August 16th in Quebec City.

The hall was filled with people, who like myself all had the privilege of hearing you. I could never explain "all" that I felt.

My heart was touched in a very special way. I have retained your beautiful words, and often meditate on them.

Thank you from all of my heart!

L. M.

"Thank you so much
for having unvited us to this place.
I am so happy I went. We will go and visit you in Montreal."

--A lady from Cameroon with her nephew.

"It brings us out.
It does so much good!"

--A lady from Quebec City

"I was very
impressed. She has so much energy.
I admire her. It made me feel good inside. It is all good things she says."

--A Persian man.

--From his wife;

I was profoundly touched.

"I have Light on my pathway."

--A lady from Togo.

She also said to her little girl,
"From now on, we will pray to a living Jesus"


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